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Breathe life and strength into your skin

Offer your skin the power to breathe

A Sensorial indulgence, a proven effectiveness.

More than just skincare, Crema Nera range takes you on a surprising journey to give you and your skin a new lease of life.



Pantelleria capers, a millennial tradition empowered by science.

Used since the dawn of time for its powerful anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties, caper soothes even the most sensitive skin by inhibiting the release of inflammation mediators. It also leaves skin soft and comfortable, calms redness, and prevents flaking and feelings of tightness in the most sensitive skin.

For the first time, Giorgio Armani Laboratories have extracted the purest essence of the Mediterranean capers thanks to an avant-garde technology: supercritical CO2 extraction - an eco-friendly, low-temperature extraction process keeping the active ingredients intact.


The power of Baicalin

Baicalin is extracted from the root of a Chinese plant. It has antioxidant properties and provides photoprotection against UVA rays. It limits skin inflammation and leaves skin looking more radiant.

In synergy with vitamin E and vitamin CG, it prevents a reduction in the lipids that make up the skin’s barrier function, and protects skin against the appearance of dark spots and sebum oxidation due to daily exposure to UV.

anti-aging technology

At the very heart of nature, the scientists discovered the extraordinary power of the Miracle Resurrection Plant, a plant able to regenerate with just a few drops of water after 10 years of desiccation.

Scientists synthesized this fantastic process and named it Reviscentalis® to breathe life into your skin and allow a global skin regeneration.

anti-aging technology

Magnesium, potassium, sodium and silicon are essential for skin full of vitality. These four essential minerals, inspired by the composition of Pantelleria’s volcanic water, were chosen for their moisturizing properties.

The quality of the skin is improved.


directions for application

On one half of the face, one hand holds skin taut on the outside of the face, while the other hand applies gliding pressure from the jaw to the corner of the nose, following the laugh line. Firmly massage the area around your mouth, from the jaw to the nostrils, with your fingertips.

Glide your fingers under the cheekbones in an outward direction to just before the ears.

Repeat this step twice on each side of the face.

Action: Give your skin a new lease of life with facial reflexology..

Place two small dabs of the fluid on your fingertips and apply the product in two stages (treat half of the face at once), from top to bottom.

Spread the texture, making horizontal sweeping strokes from the centre of the face outwards.

Along each line of the face, alternate between light pressure (towards the centre of the face) and firmer pressure (towards the outside of the face).

Repeat this step twice.

Action:Protect skin from external aggressors.


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